Real Estate TLDs

Are you looking for a TLD for your real estate business? If so, you have a lot of choices!

Domain Name Primer

First, a bit of background information. Domain names consist of a Top Level Domain (TLD) and a Second Level Domain (SLD). The TLD, also known as a domain extension, is the part of the domain name to the right of the dot. The SLD is portion to the left of the dot. In the case of, the TLD is “com” and the SLD is “example”. When choosing a domain name, you need to consider both portions of the name, how they fit together, and acquire one, or more, that best describes your business or brand.

Top Level Domains

Over the past decade many new TLDs have become available for use, and many of them are directly applicable to real estate business as evidenced by the list below. 

  1. Apartments

  2. Archi

  3. Build

  4. Builders

  5. Casa (Spanish for house)

  6. Community

  7. Condos

  8. Construction

  9. Contractors

  10. Estate

  11. Haus

  12. Homes

  13. House

  14. Immo (Dutch for real estate)

  15. Immobilien

  16. Land

  17. Lease

  18. Maison (French for house)

  19. Place

  20. Properties

  21. Property

  22. RealEstate

  23. Rent

  24. Rentals

  25. Repair

  26. Storage

  27. Team

  28. Vacation

  29. Villas

Think of the TLD as describing the focus of your business. As an example, for most real estate agents the best TLDs would include Homes, House, or RealEstate since that is what their clients buy and sell. If you have a specialty, perhaps Apartments, Condos, Land, Lease, Properties, Property, Rent, Rentals, Vacations, or Villas would best describe your business. If you cater to Spanish speaking clients then perhaps Casa would set you apart from others. If your business is a team of professionals, then perhaps Team works best for you (although we think this is a bit generic in terms of a descriptor). 

Please note that you may want to have the same SLD with multiple TLDs; for example MyTeam.Homes and MyTeam.Casa. The names can be used strategically based on placement in ads and your target audience. 

Second Level Domains

This is where you can get specific regarding your business. In most cases, the best SLD is your business name or brand. For example, if your business name is Smith Real Estate, then Smith.RealEstate or SmithRealEstate.Homes may be great domain names. Both of these names include your business name as well as a descriptor that matches what your business does. 

Some businesses prefer to use more generic descriptors for the SLD instead of, or in addition to, their business name. A few examples would include:

  • Geographic names for real estate 

    • City: Cincinnati.Homes

    • Region: TriCity.Homes

    • County: Hamilton.House

    • Postal Code: 90210.Homes

    • Area Code: 657.House or The657.Homes

    • Neighborhood: KingsGrant.Casa

  • Housing market segments 

    • SingleFamily.House

    • Vacation.Homes

    • FixerUpper.RealEstate

  • Your given name or the name of your real estate team

    • JohnSmith.RealEstate

    • JohnSmithTeam.Condos

The Bottom Line on Domain Names for Real Estate

You have many choices when it comes to acquiring a domain name for your real estate business. You should ensure that the name conveys something about your business that you want people to know simply by reading or hearing your domain name. You may consider acquiring several domain names that can be used to reach different audiences or to describe the various focus areas of your business. You might also purchase domain names for defensive purposes so that your competitors can’t get them. You don’t need to use those names, but you might want to point them to your primary website. 

We’re here to help! Please contact us if you have any questions.