What are the Pros and Cons of using Google Domains?

Among its many businesses, Google is both a registry and a registrar in the domain name space.

As a registry, it controls more than 20 Top Level Domains (TLDs or domain extensions).

Of these, 21 are or will be publicly available: .app, .dev, .page, .new, .how, .soy, and .みんな, .ads, .boo, .dad, .day, .eat, .esq, .fly, .here, .ing, .meme, .mov, .prof, .rsvp, and .zip.

Others will be limited to use by Google only such as .google, .youtube, and .chrome.

Google is also a registrar.

They offer more than 300 TLDs as well as related services such as hosting, email, etc.

Google's primary business is selling of ad space (and more recently cloud services).

Although purchasing all web services, domains and web hosting from one company might be seen to some as a 'pro' argument, it's is seen by many who feel Google leverages their aggregated data to better target advertising and maximize their ad revenue as a major 'con'.