3 Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate Agents

3 Benefits of Facebook for Real Estate Agents

With social media continuing to remain an impactful source for connecting, it is time for Real Estate agents to understand the benefits and become active. As we move into 2018, the number of adult users on Facebook continues to rise, which warrants the question. Why aren’t all Real Estate Agents active on Facebook?  

When making a significant purchase such as buying a home, a factor that plays a major role in the decision is trust. Facebook allows you to build off the trust that you’ve already established with previous clients and carry it over to future clients who are able to gain a sense of connection through seeing your online engagement.

Let’s look at three main reasons why realtors should use Facebook as a marketing tool.

  1. Create Awareness – Facebook gives you the platform to let people know what you can do for them. Whether that be to family and friends who were unaware you were an agent or the new customers you will reach just by current friends liking, commenting or sharing posts on your page. Whether you choose to create a business page or not, you will need to treat both pages the same. Be sure to keep you page(s) informative and professional. Posting often will also help increase awareness and keep followers engaged.
  2. Generate Leads – Through likes, comments and shares, you are able to reach a broader spectrum of potential clients who are interested and ready to convert into a sale. You can also utilize the features of Facebook advertising to reach a targeted audience of buyers and sellers within specific locations, incomes and age ranges, without having to spend a significant sum of money.
  3. Customer Service – Facebook allows you to respond to customers or potential clients in real time, giving you the opportunity to better serve them effectively and promptly. This also gives you the chance to develop longer lasting relationships by remaining in contact with past customers, adding a special personal touch that will keep you at the top of their list when the time comes to buy or sell again.

Providing a personal touch while offline will always remain important but there is value in continuously being on people’s mind with constant and quality posting and through countless customer referrals. Facebook allows you, in an affordable and efficient way, to remain on the radar with potential clients in the market to buy or sell a home. Now is the time for you to get on board with this golden opportunity to get ahead of competition who are not utilizing Facebook as part of their marketing strategy.