Upgrade Your Online Presence With .Yachts Domain Names

Upgrade Your Online Presence With .Yachts Domain Names

Have you heard about new website addresses? New domain names or website addresses have been crowded and forced into a .com space for many years. Today we’ve got some good news. The digital landscape is changing and hundreds of new domain name endings are now available, including .Yachts!

Similar to real estate, location is everything in the digital space. In a .com world, finding that perfect address for your business can be challenging because of the overcrowded and oversold space. It’s likely you had to settle for something less than desirable for your online home. Thanks to new domain endings you can upgrade to a much better location at an affordable price.  .Yachts brings you not only great new naming options but a defined, safe online space that is reserved exclusively for the marine community. All .Yachts domain name registrants are verified in the marine industry.

Shorter Names, Better Quality, Memorable Locations

In the past, if you couldn’t get the domain name you really wanted, you looked for alternatives. Many times that meant going for something longer and not so easy to remember. Maybe your first choice was www.MyCharterYachts.com but that was already taken. So you ended up with www.MyCharterYachtCompany.com or some other similar version. Typically when people are looking for an alternative website address they have to add more words or hyphens which makes the entire address longer and more difficult to remember. Consumers might get lost and just not make it to your website at all.

Because .Yachts domain names are only available to those in the marine industry, the namespace is not overcrowded. Chances are you can get the perfect domain name for your online presence! Check out this shortened version from our previous example:  www.MyCharter.Yachts

Now the website address is much easier to remember and could really help this company stand out from their competition!

Defined Locations

There are other benefits of using a .Yachts domain name.  .Yachts has content defining properties. Many websites have names that don’t define the business. Definition is important in new customer acquisition. If a consumer can tell what your company does and what kind of content they can expect to find on your website just by looking at your website address you’re more likely to get more visits.

Let’s look at some real world examples:

Here are three website addresses. Do you know what to expect if you visit these websites? Do you know what the business does?




Now what do you think you’d find on these websites? It becomes much clearer and more intuitive when you change the domain name ending.




Tell potential visitors what you do and what kind of content they can expect to find – just by looking at your website address and you’ll likely get more visitors!