Rock River Powersports – Migrated and Making Waves

Rock River Powersports – Migrated and Making Waves

It’s been just over a month since Rock River Powersports launched their new dealership website on the .Motorcycles domain. We are excited to see the continued progress the website is garnering, so we wanted to share an update.

If you aren’t familiar with Rock River Powersports, they are a premier Yamaha dealer located in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, owned by Mike Duclos. Mike does a sizable online business, so when he decided to move his website to a .Motorcycles domain we knew it was important to focus on his products to ensure his online business didn’t take that initial hit. RockRiverPowersports.Motorcycles is tangible proof that SEO is not dead – his product-related organic traffic has increased 59%.

It’s also important to note that the quality of his organic traffic has also increased. What does this really mean? Quality traffic is defined by the time visitors spend on a website, how many pages they view, and what the bounce rate is. For RockRiverPowersports.Motorcycles, here are the down and dirty numbers for the first month:

  • 11% increase in time spent on the website
  • 4% decrease in bounce rate
  • 5 pages viewed per visitor

Mike has also seen a considerable increase in new visitor traffic: 27%. New visitor traffic is another key factor that shows success in their team’s SEO efforts, because new prospects are finding Rock River in organic search results and visiting their website. For the icing on the cake, their leads have increased!

The success Mike is seeing with his new .Motorcycles website is a huge kudos to the strong brand he’s built, as well as a solid strategy for their website migration. Rock River Powersports hasn’t seen any negative effects from the migration, which is almost unheard of. Do you need an effective website migration plan and a strong SEO strategy to have a chance at this type of success? Absolutely. But it sure does help to have a strong online presence, a great product offering and a user-friendly website like Mike has built.