Virtual Business Card


Virtual Business Card


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First Impressions Count

Virtual Business Cards are a highly valuable part of any introduction, as they can make a positive and memorable first impression. Virtual Business Cards will also enhance your credibility, promote you as a digitally capable, forward thinker and they create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy for you personally or your business.

Build Your Brand

Whether you’re employed or an entrepreneur, building a personal brand matters.  A Virtual Business Card is the perfect way to express and communicate your skills, personality and values. When you cultivate your own personal brand, you have the power to stand out and be unique, which grows demand for your skills and the price you can command for your services.

Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’re looking to progress your career or simply looking to gain more clients, a Virtual Business Card will help you stand out from your competitors. It’s much more powerful to direct a potential employer to your own website.  Clients and prospects will love the instant connection to start building that, all important, trusting relationship from the get go.

Throw The Net Wide

Sharing your Virtual Business Card is quick and simple, both online & offline. With a short, memorable and meaningful domain name, word of mouth leads will catapult your personal referrals, and the exposure to new and exciting digital networks will enable you to realise your true potential.

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What information do I need to provide?

After you place your order, you’ll receive an email from us requesting a 1-2 paragraph bio, years of experience, brokerage name, license number and area which you serve.

How do I get a custom email with my new domain?

By default, we’ll set up an email for you starting with “hello”.  For example, “hello@JohnSmith.Homes”.  If you’d like something different, please let us know.  This email address will forward to the email address you’ve signed up with.

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