Premium and Geographic .Homes Domains

Premium and Geographic .Homes Domains

Have you ever searched for a domain name at a registrar like GoDaddy or Network Solutions only to find that the name you were looking for wasn’t available?  Maybe the message even said it was a premium domain and showed you the price. Premium domain names have a few different meanings. When speaking about legacy top level domains such as .com, a premium domain is typically a name that someone else already owns but is willing to sell at a premium price on the secondary market. There are thousands of domain investors who purchased .com domain names years ago with the intent to flip them and sell at much higher prices. These secondary market premium .com names typically sell for thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars!

With new domains such as .Homes, premium domains have a slightly different meaning. The policies surrounding the purchase of a .Homes name prevent ‘domain investing’ for the purpose of flipping the name for a profit. Owners are validated in the residential real estate industry before a name is sold and the domain owner, the registrant, must agree to use the name with relevant content for the community at all times. However, certain names do have a higher value when compared to a standard name. Let’s look at some examples.

Standard Domain Names

www.JoanKarn.Homes is a great name for Joan the real estate agent who wants to brand her name and the fact that she sells homes. A consumer searching the internet for an agent would be able to see immediately from the search results and looking at her domain name, what Joan does. This is a standard name. Another example would be www.JoanKarnDC.Homes. Most domain names are standard. They are unique and make sense to own for a finite number of people.

Premium Domain Names

www.Manhattan.Homes or www.Beach.Homes are examples of premium domain names. They are very generic and could be extremely useful to many people. Demand for such names is high.  Just like in real estate high demand areas hold higher values. Geographic terms and very generic terms are in high demand in the domain namespace.

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