Kick Off your Website with Quality Content

Kick Off your Website with Quality Content
Launch your new website off with quality content

Oftentimes, coming up with quality content is the hardest part of the process before launching a new site. With a little preparation and a greater understanding of the importance of your site’s content, you’ll be done and ready to launch in no time.

Getting Started

Begin by gathering your company’s existing marketing materials. Next, identify what you want your customers to know about the products and services you offer. And then, based on experience or by putting yourself in your customer’s position, identify what type of questions they may want answered while on your website.  

Organize this information in a manner that makes it easily accessible for online customers.

Keyword Research

The next step in planning your website content is critical for getting your content found and indexed by search engines. This step is the process of identifying the keywords your customers are going to use to find someone providing the products and services your company offers. With that being said, these keywords need to pertain to your business offerings. For example, if you sell pet products, you’ll want your website content to include the words searchers are using to find someone selling the types of products you sell.  Stick with the keywords that best represent your business offerings. The Keyword Planner is available with a Google AdWords account.

Quality Over Quantity

In the past, quality content was considered as lots of content, and visual appeal, however, this isn’t what Google considers quality. Quality content, in short, is information relevant to the person performing the search. Relevant content drives traffic to the site, has a high user engagement (because it provides the information the searcher is looking for) and ultimately turns site visitors into quality leads or conversions. So when drafting your content, don’t worry about how much you draft, but rather is it easy for your customer to find on your website, does it answer your customer’s questions and is it written in a manner that is to the point and easy to understand?

Get Help When you Need It

Writing quality, keyword-rich content isn’t for everyone. If writing isn’t a strength you or other members of your team possess, seek out a trusted SEO provider to help your website get off to a good start. One place to start is your domain name registrar.

How Dominion Domains Can Assist

As a Dominion Domains SEO customer, we’ll assist with drafting or modifying your website content to help you achieve optimum success. Within the first two to three months of our SEO service, you can expect to start seeing your keywords climb the rankings. You’ll begin seeing the benefits of our services almost immediately, as one-by-one your website pages are optimized to ensure you are found by Google. Your content and code improves, your customers and prospects are happier, and within just a few months you’ll see the traffic to your website increase.