.Motorcycles Success Story: G-Force Consulting

.Motorcycles Success Story: G-Force Consulting

Powersports Manufacturer Consultant Gary Gustafson is President of G-Force Consulting Inc. based in Clear Lake, Minnesota. G-Force Consulting provides custom market surveys, analysis and insights regarding new product launches, design innovation and new business development. They are well-known and highly regarded for their work in market research and account management for motorcycle component manufacturers and powersports OEMs.

The Challenge

G-Force Consulting offers many services and the primary website broadly covers them all in an overview. Gary wanted to be able to provide more detailed information on specific areas of his business, but his existing website wasn’t structured in a way he could easily do that. He wanted to feature their research projects and services, while at the same time marketing and optimizing this specific content in a more focused and memorable way. When Gary heard about the .Motorcycles domain name extension, he was intrigued. He was excited the motorcycle industry was finally able to get a domain name that belongs exclusively to the industry, and that Dominion Enterprises, a company with a long history in the powersports industry, was operating it.

The Project

Gary set out to build a new website that would specifically feature his work in market research for motorcycle manufacturers and OEMs. He found a very fitting domain name, MarketResearch.Motorcycles, and built a brand new, responsive website. He uses this new website to publish his insights and offerings, focusing on the market research piece of his business. It also allows him to align his marketing and search engine optimization with ‘market research’ for the motorcycle industry. Rather than trying to promote all of his products and services, he’s able to focus his message and drive targeted traffic to MarketResearch.motorcycles.

Marketing Considerations

.Motorcycles domain names not only offer a new online space for the industry, they help businesses like G-Force Consulting stand out among competition in all aspects of marketing. .Motorcycles domain names provide a meaningful, memorable way to tell people what you do, right in your website address. Gary considers the marketing opportunities an important factor in his decision to use a .Motorcycles domain name. “The early co-promotion with Dominion Domains as a member of their Founder’s program was a key decision point for me. I use LinkedIn a lot and will be promoting the new website there, on business cards, shirts, hats, etc. I’ve always relied upon networking and SEO the most because my business is strictly B2B, but the new web domain gives me something new and exciting to draw customers.”

Verified Domains

“I’ve worked hard for 25 years to provide credible, measurable benefit to my market research and business development clients,” said Gary. “Dominion’s verification of businesses within this domain is a great benefit to my company and also to prospective business partners because it helps identify serious industry players.” Gary also plans to launch an eCommerce website soon on a verified, .Motorcycles domain name. “My next .Motorcycles website will give businesses the ability to purchase catalog market reports directly from the website. The reports will cover commodities such as oils, helmets and winches and include analysis of technical requirements, the competitive environment and professionally-vetted market data.

Technical Considerations

MarketResearch.Motorcycles was built from scratch, so Gary’s work started with a diligent search of website development tools. Once he found a development option that fit his needs, he used existing templates so he could focus on content and minimize technical challenges. Gary found this made his job easier because even the least tech-savvy individual can create a great-looking website.

SEO Considerations

Gary says, “SEO is paramount to the success of a website, plain and simple. A significant percentage of my business comes from Internet search engines and sometimes from terms that are out in the long tail. So when creating content throughout the site, I try to use key search terms and add tags and descriptions that ‘say a lot in a few words’. I also added a powersports insights blog to my website for the first time, even though I have blogged for years on topics from supply chain to CPSC side-by-side regulations. I always ask my clients how they found me and optimize SEO accordingly to bring in new business.”


While my legacy site serves its purpose, the audience includes everyone from the CEOs of start-ups to engineers, public relations personnel to marketing managers. The message is diluted because the audience is broad. My new website, MarketResearch.Motorcycles, creates a concentrated focus on one of my key customer groups – marketing managers. I am now able to clearly present the information and expertise they’re looking for. This has proven to be immensely valuable – my new .Motorcycles website has increased my target audience visits in this category by 288%! Even better, 90%+ were unique visitors.