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Motorcycle Domains for Sale at Dominion Domains

.Motorcycles domain names are exclusively available to registrants that provide products or services that benefit the powersports industry. All registrants will be verified by the registry. Having validated registrants means that as consumers do their powersports related research and transactions online, they will be able to trust content found on websites using the .Motorcycles extension and find relevant content on these sites.

All registrants will go through a verification process before a domain name is registered. Prior to a successful verification, the domain name will be held in a pending status and not function on the internet. Registrants will be contacted by the registry to provide documentation to confirm their eligibility. Failure to provide such information within (10) days will result in deletion of the domain name.

Full registration and eligibility requirements, verification procedures and use criteria information can be found in the .Motorcycles Registration Policy.

Benefits of a .Motorcycles domain name

Verified – all businesses are vetted for legitimacy and relevance before approval is granted to purchase/use their TLD

Secure – includes an extra layer of security, helping to protect your data and sensitive consumer information

Improved customer experience – increase trust and confidence with targeted content

Brand recognition – memorable, intuitive and practical URLs

Innovative – be one of the first in your industry to own a URL that directly represents your business

Relevant – websites are monitored to ensure relevant, meaningful content that is industry-specific

How to find the perfect .Motorcycles domain name

In order to select the right .Motorcycles domain name, you need to decide how you’re going to use it.

Upgrade your existing website address to a memorable, industry-defining .Motorcycles.

Get the website address you really wanted but couldn’t have, because it was already taken in .com

Use a unique domain name for a more memorable call to action in an advertising campaign. You will get more traffic if your website address is easy to recall. You’ll convert more traffic if the landing page has content relevant to the advertising campaign.

Use www.YourBrand.Motorcycles as a secure billing channel, assuring your customers fraud-free transactions.

Feature specific manufacturer’s products lines. You’ll have more targeted ways to market the brands you sell and can link back into your main site, building a meaningful linking strategy that can also boost your SEO.

Use domains to host unique content channels and build brand authority. Example: Your auto parts business has a great selection of ‘how-to’ videos. Brand and market the videos on their own .Motorcycles URL (HowToFix.Motorcycles).

Use domain names to protect your brand. Think of domain names that you would not want your competitors to own and make sure you get them! You can build a domain and content strategy to drive traffic to your website – not your competitors.

Use a new domain for a more memorable email address. Example: sales@YourBrand.Motorcycles

Get your own domain name that defines your business, then set the domain to forward to your Facebook page if you still don’t have a website. You can promote your own digital address, and not a complicated Facebook URL.