8 Steps to Successfully Migrate Your Domain name

8 Steps to Successfully Migrate Your Domain name

Take notes from SanAntonio.Homes on how to seamlessly change your URL

When the .Homes TLD was released in 2015, Al Cannistra knew he would be one of the first in the industry to seize the opportunity. With his background in online marketing and his passion in real estate, purchasing the strong local market URL of SanAntonio.Homes was a natural move.

Al decided to work with Dominion Domains to safely transfer his online presence from SanAntonioHomes.Online to its new location. Our team follows a specific recipe for success when it comes to domain transfers, and we specialize in delivering fast and safe transitions that keep website integrity intact.

If you are considering migrating to a new domain name, make sure you follow these 8 must-do steps to successfully change your URL:

  1. Verify your domain with the search engines. Start with Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools and complete the verification process.
  2. Submit a change of address. Once your new site is verified, you can use Google and Bing’s tools to submit a change of address request after the transition is complete.
  3. Set-up proper re-directs from your existing domain name. Re-directs will ensure that you don’t miss out on any traffic. Make sure the URLs match! Think of all those old social posts out there.
  4. Capturing analytics. Make sure you get credit for the new, stronger URL you’re adopting. Double check that you have your Google Analytics tracking codes properly setup to monitor your progress before and after.
  5. Run a broken link checker. We recommend you use a tool like deadlinkchecker.com to scan your site for any broken links.
  6. Update your marketing materials. Aside from the new URL, this might be one of the only additional costs you incur when you transition your web address. Make sure your business cards and promotional materials all reflect your new web address.
  7. Redirect your emails. Having a new email address that reflects your new web address is an opportunity to create memorable branding. Email providers typically have a forwarding option, so make sure your old account is forwarded to your new address.
  8. Audit, audit, audit. Keep a continual eye on important site health metrics like title tags, meta descriptions, broken links and word counts. Similar to a house, it’s an ongoing project and the work is never done, but making continual progress is important to the success of your new domain. Consider a service like SEMRush to perform a monthly audit.

Al’s transition to his new .homes site went smoothly and safely thanks to following these guidelines, and he had great things to say about our service:

“Thank you for the brilliant way that you have handled the transfer service and managing the setup of the new domain. It has been my pleasure knowing that I have someone in our newly formed partnership that can guide me and on whom I can count on getting things done.”

Check out our site for more information about our transition service.