Does someone already own the .COM domain name you wanted?

Does someone already own the .COM domain name you wanted?

“The best keyword domains in .COM are sold out, and that’s why I believe that new top-level domains (TLDs, meaning the last part of the website name, like .COM) are going to be the digital real estate of the future,” says Robert Bruce in a recent Entrepreneur article.

The more relevant keywords you have in your domain name, the more likely you are to show up in organic search results. Your domain name (or URL) along with the content on the web page helps the search engines determine if your website is the most qualified source when users are conducting searches.

If you’re an automotive dealer, and your domain name ends in .Autos instead of .com, the search engine already has a good idea that your website is going to be relevant for automotive-related search terms that include the keyword ‘autos.’ Add in quality content and your website has a very good chance of displaying higher in organic search results.

In his article, Bruce outlines four reasons to consider changing your domain name from a .com to a new top-level domain:

  1. Flexibility in choosing a name

The pool of short, memorable .COM domains is shrinking rapidly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t secure an amazing name for your business. Overnight, new domains have increased the availability of possible names a hundredfold.

  1. More memorable names

The potential uses for meaningful new domains, like .FORSALE, .SOCIAL, and .MARKET, are virtually limitless. Every word in your domain can and should be relevant to your brand.

  1. Increased web traffic

When you use meaningful, relevant terms in a domain, people will be more engaged with your brand. That’s going to help drive more traffic to your site, and will boost your search result rankings.

  1. Reduced online marketing costs

Because new domains drive organic web traffic to your site, you’ll be less reliant on expensive search engine placement and other online ads.

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