You can stand out in a sea of .coms

You can stand out in a sea of .coms

Whether you have a business that sails within the marine industry, or you’re a boating enthusiast with a blog, a website or even a desire for an email address that proclaims your all-things-boats passion, you want a web address that best describes you.

Introducing .Boats – the Marine Industry Alternative to .com

Let’s face it. It’s a crowded .com world. The internet is saturated with .coms all fighting for the top ranking in the search engines. It’s to the point where businesses are settling for domain names that ‘sort of’ represent their brand names. But not quite. It makes establishing a memorable brand challenging.

The time to elevate your brand from the masses with a new domain name is now. Over one thousand new top level domains, (the part of the domain to the right of the dot) are now available and are quickly gaining serious interest. The domain name www.Home.Loans was recently purchased for $500,000!

Grow your Online Presence with a .Boats Domain Name  

  • Elevate your ranking within the search engines by owning a domain name with powerful keywords on both sides of the dot.
  • Finally! Boost your marketing with a domain name that best represents your branding. (Lose the hyphens and obscure abbreviations!)
  • Showcase your blog or personal website with a domain name that matches your love for boating.  
  • Communicate your boating passion and knowledge with your own, unique .Boats email address.

For a limited time* you can secure your standard .Boats domain name for just $75 – that’s 50% off our regular rate. Your best opportunity is now. Claim your .Boats – before it sails away.

*Offer expires May 16, 2018.