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Benefits of a .Boats domain

Unique domain name extensions, like .Boats, can help increase your brand recognition and create a memorable, relevant URL.

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Benefits of a .Boats domain name

Brand recognition – memorable, intuitive and practical URLs

Innovative – be one of the first to own a unique .Boats URL

Stand out! – a .Boats domain helps you stand out in a crowded sea of .coms, creating a memorable connection between you and your audience

How to find the perfect .Boats domain name

In order to select the right .Boats domain name, you need to decide how you’re going to use it. You can use your new .Boats URL to:

  • Let search engines, buyers and enthusiasts know that you’re in the marine industry
  • Provide your website with a domain that matches your brand
  • Create landing pages to support advertising campaigns and convert more sales
  • Drive traffic to your existing .com website with a shorter URL that’s easy to type and remember
  • Represent your business with a .Boats email address
  • Help boating enthusiasts find your blog with a relevant .Boats URL
  • Create a personal website to share your best boat photos!